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A little romance


The Spark 

What do anchovies pizza, a dog named Rosco, and an overthrown ball have in common?

An unexpected spark.


Running Uphill 

What’s more fun than showing up your boyfriend in a race?

The promise of more fun later.


When Harry Met Mary 

Harry sits every day during his lunch break with a book and watches the beautiful redhead as she goes to and from her office.

Will he every get the nerve to say hello?


A Midnight Confession 

Blake has something to say to Tina, but is the middle of the night really the right time?

A little humor


Effie’s Really Bad Day 

Poor Effie. She’s had quite a day, but she’ll make it better in the end.

A girl’s gotta have what a girl’s gotta have.


Faith’s a Bitch 

Faith really shouldn’t have messed with Polly.


 Let’s Cause a Little Trouble 

Three ladies are on a covert mission that doesn’t go quite as planned.


The Cleansing 

Marta may have been a bit too thorough.

A little drama



Mark has so much he wants to say to Liza–especially about that last day.

 Does he have a chance?


Sense Memory 

Sometimes it makes for something you don’t want to remember…




Joanna thought she was doing the right thing.

But sometimes the right thing takes you the wrong way.




Sixty Below 

Bobbie has started over. She just needs one more thing to make her new life complete.

A Little Darker



Thanks for Sharing 

Mara appreciates all Dean is willing to do for her.

She really does…


But I’m Not 

When you need to go on, but you’re not sure if you can.



Maeve has waited for years to take her revenge.

Will it be worth it?

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